MAS Holdings Group acquires 100 years of French lace heritage

Thursday, 1 June 2023 02:27 –      – 76

From left: Calais Dentelles Directeur Général – CEO Sébastien Bento Soares, Cochez Group Chairman and Calais dentelles Pascal Cochez, Noyon Lanka Shareholder Olivier Noyon and Noyon Lanka  CEO Ashiq Lafir 

  • Calais Dentelles announces sale of Noyon Calais IP rights to  Noyon Lanka positioning the latter as an industry leader in lace manufacturing with manufacturing presence in SL, Indonesia and China

In ground-breaking industry news, Noyon Lanka, a subsidiary of MAS Holdings, and Desseilles Calais, a subsidiary of the Calais Dentelles holding company, announced the sale of Noyon Calais’ IP rights and other intangible assets to Noyon Lanka.

Noyon Calais is a French lace manufacturer known for over 100 years of heritage in the industry. This Intellectual Property (IP) acquisition now positions Noyon Lanka as an industry leader in lace manufacturing, combining the legacy and heritage of Noyon Calais Sas and Mas Holdings’ technical competency and manufacturing excellence. This sale gives the opportunity for the French business Desseilles Calais to focus on their main luxury core market.

The IP and other assets acquired enable Noyon Lanka to draw inspiration, create and commercialise lace products and manufacture lace products under the trademark ‘Noyon’. Additionally, Noyon Lanka will now be the owner of all ‘Noyon’ trademarks belonging to Noyon Calais and will own all their archives of sketches, drafts, and samples of lace and embroidery fabrics from the 19th and 20th centuries.

With the acquisition, Noyon Lanka enhances its ability to provide high-quality lace products to customers worldwide, drawing upon and preserving the rich history and heritage of lace manufacturing in France.

Noyon Lanka CEO Ashiq Lafir said: “This acquisition will enable us to expand our product design offerings and strengthen our leadership position in lace manufacturing globally. We are humbled and proud to take ownership of Noyon Calais’ remarkable legacy and combine it with our technical expertise to create beautiful, innovative lace products for our customers.”

Noyon Calais parent Calais Dentelles Directeur Général – CEO Sébastien Bento Soares said: “This asset sale enables Desseilles Calais to focus on our core luxury market and ensures that the rich history and legacy of Noyon’s lace continues to effectively serve its long-time customers, who have come to rely on Noyon’s heritage in lace to provide some of the world foremost brands with the finest lace designs that their customers have adorned over many generations.”

Noyon Lanka was established in 2004 when Noyon Calais France, an industry expert in knitted and leavers lace, partnered with MAS Holdings. Today, Noyon’s lace creators and designers launch over 450 designs each year, with collections ranging from multi-way stretch, high tenacity lace to engineered lace for fabric.

In addition to its production facilities in Sri Lanka, the company has a global footprint with a manufacturing presence in Indonesia and China.