Who ruined the country? – Dullas asks RW

Saturday, 3 June 2023 01:11 –      – 38

  • Calls President’s assurance to develop the nation by 2048 a mere joke
  • Accuses Govt. of not having proper plan for development
  • Slams attempt to take over 12 agencies and bring them under Ministry of Finance
  • Says Govt. attempting to tame media through proposed Broadcasting Authority Act

Freedom People’s Congress (FPC) Leader Dullas Alahapperuma in response to President Ranil Wickremesinghe’s recent address to the nation yesterday questioned the identities of those responsible for the alleged deterioration of our country.

“Wickremesinghe said he will not allow anyone to ruin the country. For nearly 40 years he served as a legislator, out of which he presented the executive for at least 30 years. So who took part in acts that ruined the country? Simply put, who ruined the country?” the MP asked.

Alahapperuma also questioned if Wickremesinghe during his address was hinting that he would not allow the Rajapaksas to return to power. “When he said he will not let anyone ruin the country does it mean he will not allow Rajapaksas to come into power or if there is no room for democracy in the country,” he asked.

Alahapperuma also called Wickremesinghe’s assurance to develop the country by 2048 a joke. “He has made similar humorous statements previously. In 2000 he said the same while commencing the Regaining Sri Lanka Program. In 2015 he promised to build a new Sri Lanka by 2025,” he recalled.

However, the MP noted that none of it came to fruition. “There was no proper program,” he alleged.

“In a developed country the per capita income should be at least $ 12 000. GDP must be around $ 300 billion. Today Sri Lanka’s per capita income is $ 3474, It must be increased by fourfold. It is merely a dream,” the veteran politician said.

The MP also slammed the President’s decision to take over 12 agencies and bring them under the Ministry of Finance. Alahapperuma recalled that Wickremesinghe launched a similar program in 1988 during his tenure as the Minister of Industries. “Everyone knows what took place after 80 institutions were brought under the Ministry of Finances. Every organisation was given to friends and family in a corrupt manner,” he said.

Commenting on the proposed Broadcast Authorities Act, Alahapperuma said while broadcasters must be regulated this legislation is attempting to tame the media and reporters instead. “If enacted, the media will be limited to broadcasting information sent out by the President’s Media Division and Ministries. This is a serious situation,” he warned.