SJB seeks info on GR under RTI law



The SJB has, in terms of Section 3(1) of the Right to Information (RTI) Act No 12 of 2016, sought information regarding facilities provided to ousted President Gotabaya Rajapaksa.Former Colombo District MP and SJB’s mayoral candidate for CMC Mujibur Rahuman told The Island that he had made the request iin writing to the Information Officer at the Presidential Secretariat.

Rahuman said that the country was in such a desperate situation that the incumbent government should review facilities provided to all former Presidents.On behalf of the SJB, Rahuman has sought answers to the following questions: (1) Did the government provide an official residence to Gotabaya Rajapaksa after he quit the presidency in July last year?

(2) What is the address of that residence? (3) What is the monthly expenditure incurred for the maintenance of that residence (4) what is the total amount spent on the former President so far (5) If an official residence hadn’t been provided so far, would it be made available soon? (6) What is the strength of the ex-President’s staff? (7) What is the total cost of their salaries and other payments? (8) What is the strength of his security contingent? (9) What was the service the former President’s security contingent is attached to? (10) What is the total number of vehicles allocated to the former President and their types? And (11) Has the ex-president been granted any other facilities and what was the total cost? (SF)