Remove sunk containers from Sri Lankan waters: Cardinal

3 July 2023 10:27 pm – 0      – 590

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Archbishop of Colombo Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith urged the authorities to remove containers from the ship X-Press Pearl which caught fire in the sea off Sri Lanka.

“These containers numbering to be more than 1,000 should be removed as these are causing more environmental issues,” the Cardinal said during his visit to the coast over the weekend.

“A powerful Minister said someone had accepted a bribe worth $ 250 million to hush up the X- Press Pearl disaster and no probe has been made into it. It is our duty to remind the authorities to carry out an investigation,” he said.

“Rulers of this country are only interested in earning money and not to develop the nation. They continue with the market economy which has been designed by the international community. No production is taking place in the country as everything is imported from other countries rather than producing them locally. Paddy farmers should be helped to produce adequate stocks which the country needs and the fishermen should be assisted to make full use of the sea. I don’t blame the ruling party alone for the country’s failure as the opposition will also have to take the blame,” he added.

“I challenge those who are responsible to dissolve Parliament and hold a general election. People will reject all 225 members of the House,” the cardinal said. (Yohan Perera)