Wrap Co.: Bringing the delight of Kathi Rolls to the streets of Sri Lanka



In the bustling streets of Colombo, a mouthwatering phenomenon is taking the food scene by storm: the Kathi Roll. Originating less than a century ago in a humble Mughlai food eatery near New Market, this delectable snack has grown to become a hot favorite around the world. And now, Wrap Co., a local cloud kitchen chain, has taken it upon itself to introduce this delightful delicacy to the food-crazy audience of Sri Lanka.

The Kathi Roll’s story dates back to 1932, when Raza Hassan Saheb founded Nizam’s, an eatery known for its scrumptious beef, Khiri, and mutton kebabs. The flavorful kebabs, grilled to perfection on iron skewers, attracted both Indian natives (Babus) and British bureaucrats (Gora sahibs), who frequented the adjacent business district of Dalhousie Square. However, the British patrons found eating the greasy kebabs with their hands inconvenient, especially while on the go. To address this, a clever solution was devised at Nizam’s: wrapping the succulent kebabs in fried, flaky parathas and further enclosing them in wax paper to prevent any gravy from dripping.

The result was a portable and delicious meal that was easy to handle and eat—the Kathi Roll. In the native Bengali language, “kathi” translates to ‘stick,’ a reference to how the rolls were originally made. Over time, the Kathi Roll has evolved into various delightful varieties, usually consisting of a filling wrapped in an Indian flatbread (roti). The fillings can range from coriander chutney, egg, and chicken to a myriad of other delightful options, catering to diverse tastes.

Wrap Co. has taken inspiration from this culinary gem and curated an impressive menu of Kathi rolls that caters to the Sri Lankan palate. With their current five delivery and takeaway outlets spread across Colombo, Wrap Co is on a mission to satisfy the cravings of on-the-go consumers and provide them with a hearty and flavorful mealtime fix.

So, if you want to treat your taste buds to an explosion of flavors and experience the joy of this global delight, head to Wrap Co. or order from their delivery outlets. Sri Lanka’s streets are alive with the aroma and taste of Kathi rolls, thanks to Wrap Co’s culinary passion and dedication to bringing the best to its customers.