Karu praises COPF for serving national interest



The National Movement for Social Justice (NMSJ) led by former Speaker Karu Jayasuriya has lauded the Committee on Public Finance (COPF) for recognising the responsibilities of Parliament and acting in the interest of the public.

The NMSJ chief has appreciated the Acting Chairman COPF and all its members.

“We are making this assessment taking into account a decision taken in relation to a number of goods essential for the country’s construction sector, including the commodities that the people need daily.

Recalling their responsibilities and role it is also the duty of the society to encourage all members of those parliamentary committees including their chairmen.Accordingly, the Committee on Public Finance of the Parliament has made a decision to bring to a certain limit the illegal profits being made by the companies that import and distribute materials and goods required for the construction industry from the cement bag.

Also, the COPF has made a decision pointing out that the price of a kilo of bread flour can be maintained at a price of 198 rupees.

“We consider this intervention of the Parliamentary Finance Committee as a good gesture for the people, freed from the fights and useless debates that are often displayed in the Parliament, based on narrow political interests.

“At a time when Sri Lanka, as a country, is suffering from a huge economic crisis, it is the duty of every responsible institution to intervene and investigate the unfair practice that some importers are doing with the aim of making unlimited profits by ignoring the situation at all.

“There, the Parliament, which has been entrusted with the foremost responsibility for the formulation of policies, including the financial control of the country, has been entrusted with a responsibility that cannot be relinquished. Parliamentary committees also have an important role to play. As an organization, we have pointed out that many times. Accordingly, this step taken by the Parliamentary Finance Committee should be appreciated,” it said.

The NMSJ pointed out that it is very important for the Public Finance Committee to focus on the high interest rates that are having a strong impact on the medium-sized business community in this country.

The NMSJ said it is clear that the high interest rates maintained by commercial banks in the country are having a negative impact on the progress of the country.

“Taking into account the orders issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka in this regard, we take this opportunity to request the Public Finance Committee of the Parliament to intervene in this regard,” the NMSJ said.