Evolution and disintegration of political parties



Looking back at the political history of post-independence Sri Lanka (or Ceylon) one can clearly see how the degradation, the disintegration and the death took place of the two main political parties, the UNP and the SLFP.

Breaking News:

“In the interior of the Tanamalwila Divisional Secretariat, a widow headed family lost the two eldest children to suicide within three months. The eldest, a boy, was in the A/Ls and the girl was in the O/Ls. Three and half months ago the boy hanged himself writing a note saying he did not want to live and nobody is responsible for his death. Two weeks after the three-month almsgiving of the boy the girl hanged herself yesterday (15.08.23) without writing even a note.

Their father had a house and property in the south. He fell ill and they sold the property to treat his sickness. The family returned to the wife’s village and built a tiny takaran house; soon after, the breadwinner passed away from the same sickness. They were struggling to live. The two elder siblings realised they had no future for they had no house, no clothes, no food, no books or bus fare for education and no hope. The other two siblings are small, the boy ten years old and the youngest, girl, just four years old.” I am writing this note after talking to the mother. End of Breaking News.

After seventy-five years of UNP-SLFP rule and their so-called development of the country, people are driven to utter poverty where the youth, even children, find suicide their only escape from suffering. What more can I say about these two political parties? They robbed the wealth of the country and reduced it to bankruptcy. Now they are dismantling and selling all the essential institutions of Common Good, like health, education, power, communication etc. They have fattened themselves on the wealth of the country and on the suffering of the people. The cursed scoundrels are still in power.

I started writing this article at leisure to trace the path of degradation and destruction of those two old parties or the two cadavers full of maggots or MPs. Soon after beginning to write the article, I received the news of this tragedy of people whom I know. I wanted to show also how the NPP evolved; how it evolved in great commitment, sacrifice and suffering, rising like the Phoenix from the ashes of seventies and eighties. How NPP has become a mature, popular, street savvy, people-centered, powerful political party. How it is on the point of finally saving Sri Lanka from the grip of the robbers, murderers and scoundrels of the late UNP and the SLFP.

But who is bothered about two young lives lost to the country in the deep rural countryside? I am bothered. I could not go on writing this article as I wanted to. I shall stop writing and hold my silence in honour of the two young siblings, victims and the end result of the UNP-SLFP cursed governance of seventy-five years.

Fr J.C. Pieris