Gevindu expects Prez to take up Mahendran issue with Singapore



Bond Scams

Rebel SLPP group MP Gevindu Cumaratunga yesterday (22) told Parliament that he expected President Ranil Wickremesinghe to take up Singaporean Arjuna Mahendran’s issue with the Singaporean leadership during his two-day visit there.

The National List lawmaker said President Wickremesinghe should intervene in this matter as it was he, as the Prime Minister of the then Yahapalana government, who appointed Arjuna Mahendran as the Governor of the Central Bank, regardless of opposition from his own government.

MP Cumaratunga said that he sincerely hoped the President discussed this issue in a bid to get Arjuna Mahendran to appear in court in connection with the Treasury bond scams.

Singapore has, so far, refused to extradite Arjuna Mahendran. (SF)