CEB seeks 56% increase in electricity tariffs?



Sanjiva Dhammika

PUC says no specific proposal made though wide deficit brought to its notice

By Anuruddha Hiripitiyage and Ifham Nizam

Electricity Consumers’ Association Secretary Sanjiva Dhammika says the CEB has asked for an immediate 56% increase in electricity tariffs.

Civil society activist Dhammika said that the request had been made to the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) Pointing out that there had been three upward revisions of electricity prices since August last year, Dhammika said that the hapless people wouldn’t be able to bear up an additional burden with costs of practically everything rising.

PUCSL sources told The Island that the CEB had the commission of losses but no request had been made for a tariff revision.

Sources said that a specific proposal was likely to be made in November this year.

Dhammika said electricity tariffs could be increased only twice a year. So far in 2013, the price of electricity has been increased twice, and therefore the CEB would not be able to increase prices again this year.