Powerful motorcycle kept near CID headquarters to help Harakkata escape



By Hemantha Randunu

The police constable who tried to help drug dealer, Nadun Chinthaka aka Harakkata, escape from the CID custody recently had kept a powerful motorcycle in a car park near the CID headquarters, according to investigators. The motorcycle was found near the vehicles of the DIG-CID and CID Director.

Investigators said Harakkata had planned to use the motorcycle as his getaway vehicle.

Earlier, the Colombo Crimes Division (CCD) had asked the CID to trace the owner of the motorcycle parked near the vehicles of CID top brass.

The CID, on Thursday (28), confirmed that it had been kept there by the police constable to facilitate Harakkata’s escape. The motorcycle had a false number plate. It had been brought there the day before the planned escape of Harakkata, which the CID officers managed to thwart.

The CCTV system of the CID broke down some time ago, and thus it took a while for the police to identify the person who had brought the motorcycle in.

There was also a car waiting to take Harakkata and the constable to Matara. The four men entrusted with the getaway have been arrested by the CCD. There is no information so far about what happened to the constable involved in Harakkata’s failed escape bid.