Hemas Hospitals planning to link-up with top Singaporean hospitals and universities



Dr. Lakith Peiris and top management responding to questions by the media.

By Ifham Nizam

Hemas Hospitals, which celebrates the 15th anniversary of their founding, will join hands with some prestigious medical and academic institutions in Singapore, like Elizabeth Hospital, Alexandra Hospital and National University of Singapore, to tap the latest medical technologies for the betterment of their clients in Sri Lanka.

Responding to The Island Financial Review on their partnerships in Singapore, Dr Lakith Peiris, Managing Director at Hemas Hospitals said they are also working with renowned hospitals worldwide and added that shortly they will set up Sri Lanka’s first Ambulatory Surgical Care Centre in partnership with Alexandra Hospital of Singapore.

Dr. Peiris added: ‘The facility will add to multiple pioneering feats Hemas Hospitals has achieved over the past 15 years, including being the first internationally-accredited Lankan hospital chain.

‘We will look at growth through acquisition of any healthcare assets available for sale or expand the bed capacity at Hemas, Thalawathugoda from 70 to 150.’

‘This would be a costly affair and we would be expanding our labs beyond borders. However, we will stick with the policy that every patient has a right to cost- effective health care.

‘We would also be introducing much needed cardiac care space at Wattala with an investment of Rs. 700 million. This would ease the burden on the state sector, where patients wait for nearly one year to go through cardiac operations.

‘Putting up a fresh 150-bed hospital will cost between Rs. 6 and 7 billion, while acquisitions would cost more.

‘As we mark 15 years, we remain committed to our purpose, “Transforming lives through connected care and innovation”. This means transforming lives by improving health outcomes through patient-centric care, delivering connected care through a seamless integrated approach, enabling interoperability and innovation.

‘At Hemas Hospitals, we are committed to delivering patient-centred care with compassion, love and a true sense of professionalism.’