The first read in the morning

Thursday, 23 November 2023 00:00 –      – 26

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Much has changed in the country and in the world since Sri Lanka’s first and only financial and business daily newspaper, the Daily FT was launched in 2009. But one thing that has remained constant is the dedication and commitment of the Daily FT team to be true to the pledge made at its founding to keep its reader up to date with the latest developments in the country’s economy, and businesses with solid, unbiased reporting.

Since then, the newspaper has also gone a step further by reporting fearlessly on political developments in the country while also dedicating space to social, environmental, cultural and varied other issues. Over the years, the Daily FT has also become the newspaper that provides space to experts in many fields to express their views and some of these opinions have been popular, some controversial but are always topics of discussion and debate.

The past 12 months have been challenging for Sri Lankans as they struggle with unprecedented economic problems that have beset the country since 2022. The country’s private sector too has been in a deep crisis. The fallout of the economic crisis has impacted all sectors including media houses, particularly print media, which are facing numerous challenges. The Daily FT came out strong after the COVID-19 lockdowns and has weathered the past year with its positive attitude despite page cuts, losses in revenue, etc.

The Daily FT continues to be the only financial daily in the country and hence leads the way in reporting in-depth in related sectors. The Daily FT is well aware that a newspaper dedicated to business financial news has an important economic role to play. What gets reported in it can impact markets, businesses and have wide repercussions on the economy. This is why the Daily FT has been objective and responsible in its reporting as well as independent at times much to chagrin of the Government of the day.

As one of the successful post-war brands in Sri Lanka, the Daily FT has also grown in prominence and influence due to its solid reporting with general news, analysis on political developments, etc. which has made it favoured by many as their first read in the morning.

Sri Lanka’s traditional media faces the same challenges as those in all other countries given the steep growth in digital media. With people oversaturated with news via mobile phones and other digital devices, newspapers are facing the most challenging times. The only way to stay afloat in these times is with the publication of credible news which continues to be sought after and respected by readers. It is here that the Daily FT has managed to hold its own in the media field in the country and win the appreciation and respect of many.

As we celebrate another anniversary, the Daily FT, like all citizens of this country, hopes that Sri Lanka will see the dawn of better times in the months ahead. Prosperity for the country means prosperity for all.

The Daily FT has stood by the people through the good times and bad and we will continue to do so. The Daily FT will uphold the pledge made when the newspaper was launched 14 years ago and strive to empower our readers, the people, responsible businesses and the country at large.