Tess launches “Agro Tin Tech” venture with Rs. 79 m initial investment

Thursday, 23 November 2023 02:01 –      – 169

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Tess Agro PLC said it has launched “Agro Tin Tech” – a can manufacturing plant at its factory premises in New Nuge Road, Kelaniya.

The Company has the capacity to produce 80,000 cans per day. The initial investment of this project is Rs. 79.2 million for the machinery and equipment. This venture will cater to the growing needs of the local as well as export market.

Tess said the “Tin can”, one of the most ideal, popular and suitable packaging forms for many products like fish, soft drinks, soups, spices, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and other products has undeniably resulted in its popularity.

“The high demand for this product locally and internationally provides a foundation for great prospects of this project’s success,” Tess Agro said in a filing to the Colombo Stock Exchange