Sri Lankans being sent to Israel are given military training: Hakeem

25 November 2023 11:08 am – 0      – 130

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Parliament, Nov-25 (Daily Mirror)- Sri Lankan expatriate workers who are sent to Israel are to be given military training, MP Rauff Hakeem alleged in Parliament today.

“The Sri Lankan expatriates are placed in areas which have been taken over by Israel since the breakout of the conflict in the Gaza Strip,” the MP said.

However, Minister of Labour Manusha Nanayakkara who responded, vehemently denied the allegation.

“No military training is provided for Sri Lankan expatriates. Making false allegations will affect Sri Lanka’s bilateral relationship with Israel. Allow the Sri Lankan government to maintain ties with Israel in line with its non-aligned foreign policy. We have opposed the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7 and military strikes carried out by Israel on Palestine since then. One should not make irresponsible statements and disturb diplomatic relations,” the Minister said.

He also denied allegations that Sri Lankans would be sent to war-torn areas and their lives would be at risk. The Minister said no employee would be sent to areas captured by Israel or in wartorn areas. He said all employees would be sent to areas that are not affected by the war.


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