Reject oppressive leaders to cleanse country’s politics – Cardinal Ranjith



Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith

By Norman Palihawadane

Colombo Archbishop Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith on Sunday called on people to join forces to reject oppressive leaders to cleanse the country’s politics to enable the emergence of a new leadership.

The Cardinal said so addressing this year’s SIGNIS Awards ceremony held at the BMICH. He said that the government was determined to bring in new laws in the name of regulating social media to deprive people of their right to know the truth.

It is the duty of all patriotic and the independent media to stand up against and defeat these moves towards a dictatorship. Time has come for us to reject the conventional political parties that ruined this nation. Time has come for us to usher in a new political leadership devoid of nepotism and favouritism. People should not sell their votes or barter them for roofing sheets, food or alcohol, he said.