AG informs CA of plot to assassinate Ex-CID Chief Shani

Tuesday, 5 December 2023 00:55 –      – 167

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The Attorney General informed the Court of Appeal yesterday that intelligence agencies have uncovered information regarding a conspiracy to assassinate the former director of the Criminal Investigation Department SSP Shani Abeysekera. The Court of Appeal was informed that the plan uncovered by intelligence agencies involved orchestrating a vehicular accident to cause SSP Shani Abeysekara’s death.

Additional Solicitor Gen-eral Rohantha Abeysuriya, representing the Attorney General informed the court of this information during the hearing of a writ petition filed by SSP Shani Abeysekera. The petition specifically requests an order for the Inspector General of Police and other concerned respondents to take necessary measures and provide adequate security to Abeysekera in response to threats against his life.

Previously, the court had issued an order instructing the Victim and Witness Protection Authority to provide a report detailing the nature of the threats against Shani Abeysekera.

President’s Counsel Upul Jayasuriya, representing the petitioner Shani Abeysekera, informed the court that he was not content with the security arrangements provided for his client.

He brought to the court’s attention that his client was only provided with an old motorcycle and three police officers for protection. Furthermore, he alleged that despite the order from the Authority for the Protection of Victims and Witnesses to the Inspector General of Police to ensure ample protection for the petitioner, it has not been implemented thus far.

Subsequently, the Court of Appeal decided to issue a relevant order concerning this petition on 14 December.


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