Trade unions unite against privatisation of key sectors

Wednesday, 27 December 2023 00:28 –      – 92

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Against the backdrop of the Government’s current push to privatise public enterprises and assets under various guises, trade unions across various sectors are gearing up to commence comprehensive joint discussions this week.  The move aims to address the concerns arising from the impending privatisation processes affecting electricity, banking, insurance, telecom, and postal services.

Anticipated to be a collaborative effort encompassing diverse trade unions, these discussions aspire to forge agreements based on the unique needs of each respective sector. To facilitate this dialogue, trade union leaders have been invited to a crucial meeting scheduled for 28 December at the Postal Auditorium.

Several sectors, including electricity, banking, insurance, telecom, and postal services, have already expressed their endorsement of these discussions.

In recent weeks, unions representing postal and telecom workers have staged strikes, with the latter continuing its protest action last week.

The invitation for these discussions, jointly extended by various trade unions, emphasises the adverse impact of state enterprise privatisation on a substantial number of citizens, potentially forcing them out of the national market. Additionally, concerns have been raised about the negative changes in working conditions that employees in these enterprises would face.

The communication underscores a notable absence of electoral mandates for privatisation measures in recent elections, pointing out that neither the current Government nor its predecessor has sought a mandate for this integration process. Unions assert that implementing recommendations solely based on the demands of international institutions, such as the International Monetary Fund, without public consensus or formal stakeholder consultations, contradicts democratic principles and undermines the sovereignty of the people and the nation itself.

While recognising that there may be differing views on privatisation within the country, the trade unions collectively advocate for a unified and serious opposition to such a significant change. Emphasising the need for a democratic and consultative approach, the trade unions have called for these discussions to ensure that the concerns of all stakeholders are adequately addressed.



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