GL, Dilan to join SBJ-led alliance in newest political somersault

2 January 2024 04:13 am – 0      – 638

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Colombo, Jan 2 (Daily Mirror) – Two MPs who recently parted ways with the SLPP government along with the group led by MP Dullas Alahapperuma- Professor G. L. Peiris and Dilan Perera- convened at the opposition leader’s office and declared their move to form a grand political alliance in view of the Presidential Elections.

The trio of MPs affirmed their dedication to building a cohesive opposition alliance under the leadership of Sajith Premadasa who is the Leader of the Opposition. Professor Peiris underscored the urgency of this alliance, citing the prevailing national crisis marked by concerns over the public’s financial strain due to tax and price hikes, notably the recent surge in fuel prices.

While expressing their commitment to collaborate with the SJB, the MPs clarified that they have not officially joined the party. Instead, they emphasized their decision to work with the SJB while preserving their distinct political identity.

MP Dilan Perera acknowledged that their leader, Dullas Alahapperuma, is yet to decide on joining the broader opposition alliance. He highlighted the unanimous consensus among them to collaborate with the SJB, acknowledging a minor disagreement regarding the timing of their collective move. Emphasizing the need for a swift formation of a unified opposition alliance in preparation for potential upcoming elections, Perera stated, “The cake has to be iced as soon as possible.”

SLFP MP Shan Wijayalal, at the opposition leader’s office, formally acquired SJB membership from Mr. Premadasa. Wijayalal explained his decision to align with the SJB, citing it as the most potent force within the opposition.