January tourist arrivals likely to surpass 200,000 mark

Tuesday, 30 January 2024 00:47 –      – 112

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  • First 4 weeks of January arrivals top 189,000
  • India, Russia, and UK emerges as top source markets 
  • December 2023 saw over 210,000 tourists first time in recent years

Sri Lanka Tourism is experiencing an influx of tourist arrivals during January, with the latest data indicating that the numbers are on track to surpass 200,000.

During the first 28 days of the month, the country has welcomed a total of 189,574 tourists. Analysts said the daily average was 6,770 tourists and if this is maintained, January could end up with nearly 210,000 arrivals. Last month, arrivals amounted to 210,351. January however is set to fall short of the original target of 241,962 arrivals.

Analysts nevertheless pointed out that the latest January figure reveals a considerable increase in comparison to recent years.

“The contrast is striking. In January 2021, Sri Lanka recorded a mere 1,682 tourists, whilst in 2022 arrivals grew to 82,327 and 102,545 last year. The current influx of visitors showcases a robust recovery for Sri Lanka’s tourism industry,” analysts added.

India leads the pack in tourist arrivals during the first four weeks of January, contributing 31,920 visitors. Russia closely follows with 28,159 arrivals, while the UK, Germany, and China round out the top five with 15,252, 12,340, and 10,187 arrivals, respectively.

Additionally, tourists from Poland, Australia, the US, and the Netherlands contribute to the diverse range of visitors, highlighting the global interest in Sri Lanka as a tourist destination.