A teaser from RW to JVP/NPP lawyer Sunil Watagala



A ‘Silk’ party at the Cinnamon Grand last week saw an interesting exchange between President Ranil Wickremesinghe and JVP/NPP lawyer Sunil Watagala with the former puzzling the latter with the remark, “You’ll be on our side within the next six months.”

The occasion was an event hosted by leading lawyer Romesh de Silva, PC, to celebrate his son, Eraj’s elevation to the inner bar.

The guests included CBK, Ministers Harin Fernando and Tiran Alles and many more politicians. Lawyer Dinesh Vidanapathirana and Sagala Ratnayake were sitting with the president chatting about the upcoming presidential election with the former talking about possible advantages for Wickremesinghe running as a common candidate when Watagala joined them.

He urged the election should be held as soon as possible and asked when that might be.

“It will be held on time,” responded RW. “I have told Anura (Kumara Dissanayake) when it would be, but he doesn’t seem to have told you.”

Watagala confidently predicted a win for “our candidate” with Wickremesinghe teasing “you will be on our side within six months.”Watagala is still scratching his head trying to figure out what the president meant.