Fr. Cyril Gamini reports to the CID: “Nothing will come out of it”



Fr. Cyril Gamini

By Norman Palihawadane

Uncovering the truth behind the Easter Sunday attacks hinges on a change in the political system, Fr. Cyril Gamini Fernando, the spokesperson of the Archdiocese of Colombo said following his visit to the CID on Friday (19) morning.

Fr. Cyril was summoned to the CID to provide his account regarding the Easter Sunday attacks. He stated, “I received a letter from the CID requesting my presence at 10 am. They mentioned they wish to record my statement regarding my knowledge of the attacks.”

Fr. Fernando mentioned that he has appeared before the CID on multiple occasions and has provided detailed statements. Despite this, there was a lack of a substantial investigation based on the information he has shared.

“I doubt that the statement I provided today will have any significant impact. Ample time has passed to identify the perpetrators of the attacks. It is a matter of enforcement of the law. Back in November 2021, I came forward and provided numerous detailed statements. However, none of the information I disclosed was adequately investigated,” Fr. Fernando said.

He expressed skepticism about the government’s commitment to uncovering the masterminds behind the Easter Sunday attacks.

“Numerous incidents across the country have inflicted harm on countless individuals. Many others are still awaiting justice. Without a systemic change, it’s unlikely that any positive outcomes will emerge,” he stated.


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