Daily wage increased to Rs 1,700 in tea and manufacturing sectors



President Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday (May Day) announced that the minimum daily wage for those engaged in the tea growing and manufacturing trade had been increased to Rs. 1,700.

The announcement was made at a rally organised by the CWC, at Kotagala, to mark May Day.

A gazette extraordinary has been issued in this regard in pursuance of the powers conferred on the Commissioner General of Labour, by an order made by the Minister of Labour under section 33(1) (a) the Wages Boards Ordinance (Chapter 136).

The President said that the wage increase would come into operation immediately. Political sources said that the announcement was meant to achieve the maximum benefit for CWC that recently switched allegiance to President Wickremesinghe, having contested the last general election on the SLPP ticket.


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