Almas Group celebrates 25th anniversary with launch of ‘AlmasONE’

Tuesday, 21 May 2024 00:05 –      – 1548

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Almas Group marked its Silver Jubilee Anniversary – 25 years of operations and the 2nd year of rebranding and operations of Almas Equities, the groups Stock Brokerage arm, a founding member of the Colombo Stock Exchange, with a 38 year history, with the launch of ‘AlmasONE’ at a distinguished event held at the iconic Galle Face Hotel.

This initiative, part of their rebranding strategy, introduces a suite of innovative solutions aimed at democratising access to the capital market. The event drew notable attendees, including High Net worth Investors, Institutional Investors, Fund Managers and representatives from the Banking and Finance Sector, reflecting the industry’s keen interest in this ground-breaking venture.

In an era where traditional approaches struggle to engage investors, Almas Group sets out to redefine the landscape. Despite decades of effort, only a fraction of the population actively participates in the capital market. Recognising this gap, AlmasONE emerges as a catalyst for change, aiming to kindle widespread interest and involvement in investment opportunities.

At the heart of AlmasONE lies a vision to empower investors with unparalleled access to knowledge and information. Its core product, the AlmasONE Insights portal, accessible at is a free for all platform, accessible with only an email address. Unlike conventional platforms that offer static data, AlmasONE revolutionises the experience by allowing users to tailor content based on their investment preferences with features such as the Stock Screener. Whether one seeks stable returns or high-risk ventures, the platform offers customisable insights at the touch of a button, eliminating confusion and streamlining decision-making.

The sheer scale of AlmasONE’s data integration is awe-inspiring, with nearly two million data points seamlessly curated by its in-house research and tech team, to provide comprehensive information to investors. Despite the substantial investment required to develop such a platform, Almas Group reaffirms its commitment to accessibility by offering AlmasONE free of charge to the public.

The platform’s versatility caters to a diverse range of users, from novice investors to seasoned professionals, offering tailored featured sections for market analysis, company dashboards for all listed companies which include earnings, dividend and crossings data for the last five years, a comprehensive stock screening tool as well as Almas’s own AI assistant. Additionally, the client services segment provides seamless account management for easy withdrawal of funds with a click of a button and a digital account opening portal, further enhancing the user experience.

AlmasONE doesn’t stop with its market portal offering.

Other pillars of the AlmasONE launch includes its AlmasONE Rewards program, where Almas Group clients in various tiers can redeem discounts from brand partners Food Studio, Fashion Bug, FitsAir, Crystal Property Group ( Crystal Sands and Six Midigama), and Taru Villas.

AlmasONE AI is the infusion of AI technology into its Insights platform and the embracing of the technology by the group. The group’s commitment to investing into the best technology stands strong and the public can expect many more updates in the future apart from its AI tool already available for free on its newly launched platform.

AlmasONE Inspire is an invite-only program for Almas Group clients who will have the opportunity to take part in knowledge sharing sessions from thought leaders from various industries and backgrounds, including topics such as self-development, mental health and psychology.

Finally AlmasONE Learn is a series of educational content to be released by Almas, focusing on financial literacy, content on entrepreneurship, building businesses and a podcast series featuring successful professionals and businessmen in Sri Lanka.

AlmasONE heralds a new era of accessibility, providing a one-stop digital hub for investors to access real-time market updates and historical data effortlessly. Whether located in urban centres or rural communities, investors now have equal footing in accessing valuable market insights. This inclusivity extends beyond geographical boundaries, welcoming investors from around the globe to explore opportunities within the Colombo Stock Exchange.

Almas Equities CEO Ifadh Marikar welcomed the esteemed gathering and thanked the diverse representation that attended for their participation. He also explained the core value offering of the group, Empowered Investing and its brand values of being Invested, being Innovative, and being Inspired.

During the launch event, Almas Group Chairman Imtiaz Buhardeen reflected on the journey leading up to this milestone and outlined ambitious plans for the future.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned investment firm Berkshire Hathaway, Buhardeen envisions Almas Group as a beacon of long-term wealth creation, poised to navigate market cycles with resilience and foresight.

Almas Equities Managing Director Shameer Buhardeen demonstrated the platform’s features, showcasing its transformative potential in revolutionising investment practices. Attendees lauded the platform’s intuitive interface and robust analytical tools, heralding a new era of informed decision-making in the investment landscape.

Almas Holdings Executive Director Dr. Harshana Suriyapperuma underscored the organisation’s evolution into a professionally managed entity, emphasising the diverse expertise and leadership guiding its trajectory.

The launch event not only celebrated the debut of AlmasONE but also fostered invaluable networking opportunities, uniting stakeholders and investors in a shared vision for the future of the capital market. As Almas Group continues to chart new territories, the launch of AlmasONE marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards a more inclusive and dynamic investment ecosystem.

More details regarding the launch of AlmasONE can be seen on the newly enhanced website,

– Pix by Sameera Wijesinghe