Commission to be set up to ensure women’s empowerment



President Ranil Wickremesinghe

President Ranil Wickremesinghe on Saturday announced plans to establish a dedicated commission to enforce legal measures aimed at empowering women. Addressing a ceremony held at the Kilinochchi District General Hospital after inaugurating the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Healthcare there, the President said that the Gender Equality Bill would be presented to Parliament before the end of June, the President’s Media Division reported.

President Wickremesinghe further stated: “The inauguration of the Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health Services signifies a milestone in serving the women of our nation. We have implemented various special measures to empower women, reaffirming our commitment to their well-being.

In our country, there has been a notable absence of laws safeguarding women’s rights beyond the basic provisions outlined in the Constitution. To address this gap, we have introduced two new drafts to Parliament aimed at enhancing women’s rights.

The Women’s Empowerment Act proposes essential provisions to legally empower women, including the establishment of a dedicated commission for their implementation. Furthermore, we aim to pass the gender equality draft by the end of June, currently undergoing review by the courts before submission to Parliament, with anticipation for unanimous support.

Our commitment to protecting women’s rights extends to enacting laws against violence and ensuring equal opportunities for women in workplace promotions and transfers. We anticipate the formal legalization of women’s rights and pledge to operate within this framework.

Additionally, we prioritize the safety of women within their homes. These proposed women’s rights Bills are readily accessible on our website, and we encourage everyone to familiarize themselves with them. Furthermore, we plan to launch a specialized educational programme to raise awareness about women’s rights and empower them accordingly.”