Canada urged again not to repeat genocide lie



Aruni Wijewardane

Sri Lanka has again requested Canada not to repeat baseless allegations of genocide here. Foreign Secretary Aruni Wijewardane took up the issue when she met Canadian Deputy Minister for International Development Christopher MacLennan at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday (28)

Recently, Foreign Ministry accused Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of repeatedly propagating lies for political benefit. The Ministry alleged that PM Trudeau engaged in what it called vote bank politics at Sri Lanka’s expense.

The following is the text of the FM statement on the matter: “Foreign Secretary Wijewardane briefed Deputy Minister MacLennan on the significant progress made by Sri Lanka on economic stabilisation and the high priority placed by the Government on economic diplomacy as the country moves towards revenue generation and growth. These efforts run parallel to the Government’s efforts at promoting peace and reconciliation.

On the political front, the Foreign Secretary expressed Sri Lanka’s deep concern regarding high-level pronouncements made in Canada in recent years representing a false narrative of genocide in connection with the conflict that took place in Sri Lanka.

The Foreign Secretary requested Canada to engage with Sri Lanka in a constructive manner and facilitate dialogue and reconciliation.Deputy Minister MacLennan noted Sri Lanka’s progress on reform and recovery and expressed Canada’s intention to work together with Sri Lanka, one of Canada’s important development partners, on the path towards economic growth. He indicated Canada’s interest in collaborating with Sri Lanka on areas of common interest such as climate change, energy transition, debt restructuring, trade and reconciliation.

While noting Sri Lanka’s serious objections regarding political statements involving allegations of genocide, the Deputy Minister said that Sri Lanka’s message will be conveyed to relevant authorities in Canada. He appreciated Sri Lanka’s efforts at reconciliation and expressed Canada’s hope for progress.

High Commissioner of Canada Eric Walsh, officials of the Canadian High Commission and senior officials of the Foreign Ministry were also present at the meeting.”