PickMe expands reach to Jaffna and Anuradhapura

Friday, 14 June 2024 00:04 –      – 335

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PickMe office opening in Anuradhapura  

PickMe office opens in Jaffna 

App based mobility company Pick Me opened their new branch offices in Jaffna and Anuradhapura last week, six months after they launched a pilot program to extend ride hailing services to the Northern provinces.

PickMe COO Isira Perera says their services have been received favourably by the newly added districts to the platform. “Already over 6,000 new drivers from Jaffna and Anuradhapura have registered with us in the last six months, unlocking more economic opportunities for the provinces. This is another step by PickMe to make Sri Lanka more connected to digital mobility solutions. While local commuters are our primary target group, we are also reaching out to the tourism market which is key to our operations.”

With Alliance Air operating flights between India and Palaly International Airport, and Indigo Airlines tipped to commence operations soon, PickMe’s move to officially launch in Jaffna is timely. By extending to the peninsula, PickMe’s ride hailing operations will not only benefit residents of Jaffna and surrounding areas, but will be a boon to travellers arriving at the Palaly airport. Since plans are underway to also develop the KKS port under Indian patronage, PickMe is looking at widening its ride hailing network in the Northern provinces.

“Today, a significant number of foreigners in the Free Individual Traveller (FIT) category visit Sri Lanka. This means they will make their own choices when it comes to transportation to places they wish to visit across the island. We are particularly interested in that market. Apart from this, we also wish to open doors for entrepreneurs in the food supply business in the northern areas who would see opportunity on our platform. With consumption patterns changing across the region, this is an area with a lot of potential,” says PickMe CEO Jiffry Zulfer.

PickMe’s app-based solutions encompass a wide range of services including food delivery, parcel transportation, and logistical support for local businesses. From small vendors to larger enterprises, local businesses will benefit from PickMe’s reliable logistics services, which ensure timely deliveries and operational efficiency.

In addition to economic benefits, PickMe’s expansion into the Anuradhapura and Jaffna regions underscores its commitment to cultural preservation and sustainable tourism. Anuradhapura, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the vibrant Jaffna Peninsula are both key tourist destinations in Sri Lanka.

By providing efficient and convenient transportation options, PickMe supports sustainable tourism initiatives that protect and promote these regions’ rich cultural heritage. This initiative not only boosts local economies but also enhances the travel experience for visitors, who can explore these historic sites with ease and comfort.

While establishing physical offices is not a necessity for PickMe who operates on a digital platform, the company says being physically present gives confidence to their end users, especially in terms of a safe commute. In line with that, PickMe is all set to expand its physical presence further, through several more regional offices. They will provide on ground availability, access to smart travel options and logistical support for the locales they operate in, as well as visitors to the country.