Govt. won’t allow Chinese investments in sea cucumber farms in North – Devananda



Fisheries Minister Douglas Devananda says China has been denied permission again to set up sea cucumber farms in Northern Sri Lanka.

Jaffna District MP Devananda, who is also the leader of the Eelam people’s Democratic Party (EPDP), said so, addressing a group of local sea cucumber farmers in Jaffna.

The Fisheries Ministry on Tuesday (18) quoted Minister Devananda as having said that he had taken steps to cancel a permit issued to a Chinese investor during the Yahapalana administration.

Minister Devananda alleged that the northern economy suffered due to some Opposition politicians discouraging the northerners from investing and working in sea cucumber farms.

The EPDP leader has expressed his desire to keep the industry totally in Sri Lankan hands.

Political sources say that a section of the Indian and Tamil media, too, encouraged protests against Chinese investments in sea cucumber farms. (SF)