With eye on Tamil votes UK Conservatives repeat ‘accountability issue’ ahead of general election



David Cameron

The ruling British Conservative party has appealed for the support of the British voters of Sri Lankan origin. On behalf of Rishi Sunak’s government, its Foreign Secretary David Cameron said, in a special video message reiterating his party’s commitment to British Tamils while pledging to “support truth, justice and accountability for all.”

Sunak recently announced a general election on July 4. The following is the full text of the video message released this week.

“You make an invaluable contribution to the life of our country, from business and enterprise to teaching and medicine, to your vibrant culture. You play such an important role across so much of our national life.”

“The successes of our Tamil community are a model of what can be achieved in modern Britain,” he continued. “And we will always support your aspirations and hopes for the future.”

The Foreign Secretary went on to claim mass atrocities committed in Mullivaikkal 15 years ago, which he termed crimes that are increasingly being recognised as a genocide.

“I do also know that for many British Tamils the pain of Sri Lanka’s recent past continues to be felt,” he said. “And this year, as we mark the 15th anniversary of the end of Sri Lanka’s armed conflict, my thoughts are with all those killed and disappeared and with their loved ones who continue to search for answers.”

“In 2013, I became the first prime minister or president to go to the north of Sri Lanka since 1948,” he said, highlighting his historic trip to Jaffna during his tenure as British Prime Minister.

“I heard firsthand about the devastating consequences of the war. The commitment I made then still stands. The UK continues to support truth, justice and accountability for all. And we have been leading international efforts on human rights and transitional justice in Sri Lanka.”

“In our manifesto, we have committed to redoubling our efforts to help achieve diplomatic breakthroughs in Sri Lanka,” he added.

“I have enormously valued the friendship of the British Tamil community over many years. And let me assure you that the Conservative Party’s commitment to you is unwavering.”