Donald Trump is candidate to be the Republican party's nominee, and face President Joe Biden in 2024 White House reelection bid

Donald Trump is candidate to be the Republican party’s nominee, and face President Joe Biden in 2024 White House reelection bid© Charlie Neibergall/AP

Donald Trump’s fortune is not enough to keep him in the exclusive club anymore. For the second time in three years, financial magazine Forbes is kicking the ex-US president off its list of the country’s 400 wealthiest people.

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Forbes 400: Donald Trump kicked off richest people’s list


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The magazine listed the limited success of Truth Social as the main reason Trump lost money recently. He launched the social media business as an answer to Twitter (now X), after getting kicked off the platform.

What was supposed to be a remedy against what Trump considered to be rampant cancel culture attracted less than 1% of X’s users: his 90% stake is now estimated at $100 million, down from $730 million.

Forbes also lists a loss of value for several of his office buildings as the reason Trump misses out on the 400 list this year.

However, the magazine points out that many other areas of Trump’s business are flourishing, such as his golf courses and famous Miami resort.

After all, the ex-president may not be part of the 400 richest Americans anymore, but his wealth is still clearly impressive: with an estimated $2.6 billion fortune, he failed to make the list by “only” $300 million.

To translate such sums into numbers most people would understand, it’s equivalent to making $2,600 a month (€2,475) and being short of $300 (or €285).

However, not making it to the Forbes 400 list is not the biggest worry on Donald Trump’s mind.

Legal woes

The ex-president is implicated in a myriad of legal issues, including a trial that began in October in New York.

Alongside his sons Donad Jr and Eric Trump, as well as the Trump Organization, Donald Trump is currently being tried for conspiracy, falsification of business records, and fraud.

Even though the Republican voters’ support is not fading in spite of his judiciary troubles, Donald Trump might lose $250 million if he fails to prove his innocence.

A sum that would take him further from making it back on Forbes’ 400 list next year.