The Muslims of Sri Lanka stand in solidarity and brotherhood with the thousands of Christians and Catholics who were affected by the dastardly terrorist attack on April 21st 2019. The suspected terrorists were Muslims by name but Islam forbids suicide and killing innocent civilians, hence Islam does not condone such acts of violence.

Overnight on April 21st 2019, the 2.1 Million Muslims in this country were considered as terrorist suspects or their sympathisers. The Muslims have stood by the Catholic church in demanding an independent inquiry to the Easter Sunday attacks in 2019, which many believe is a politically motivated violence. We call upon HE President Ranil Wickremesinghe to release all volumes of the PCOI report on the Easter Sunday attack to the general public. We also demand the immediate arrest and bring to justice all who have been named in the PCOI report.

The arbitrary arrest of Muslim youth under PTA and ICCPR and the detention of some of them continues to this day. No one has been found guilty after 4 years of investigation. The selective use of PTA and ICCPR on innocent Muslim youth should be condemned by all civic conscious citizens.

President Wickremesinghe in a special statement made on 18th July 2022 as Acting resident said “he plans to obtain the assistance of the police and intelligence services of the UK in order to complete the investigation into the Easter Sunday terror attacks, as the lack of a proper investigation has meant that this issue is yet to be fully resolved.” He had further said “We must ensure that this is brought to an end, and there should be a full scale impartial review of the material that is available.”

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It is regrettable that nine months have lapsed since the above statement and we are yet to see any meaningful effort by the Government to bring to justice the perpetrators of one of the darkest days inSri Lankan history where over 350 were killed and over 500 were injured.

The Muslim Council of Sri Lanka calls upon the Government to: –

a. Immediately honour the statement made by President Wickremesinghe on 18th July 2022 to complete the investigation into the Easter Sunday terror attacks with the assistance of Scotland Yard.

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b. Immediate justice to be dispensed and compensation to be paid to the families of those killed and injured in the Easter Sunday attacks irrespective of their race or religion.

c. Muslims arrested on suspicion under the PTA languishing in remand be investigated immediately and released or granted bail.

d. A thorough investigation be carried out and arrest of those responsible for the wanton destruction of Muslim property and compensation paid immediately in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks.