Cinnamon tablet to beat diabetes

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The Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) is exploring the potential of cinnamon in managing diabetes (diabetes mellitus).

“Our hypothesis is that utilising cinnamon to reduce the blood sugar levels could be used as an alternative to prescribed drugs such as Metformin. Therefore we embarked on research to develop cinnamon pills using our own proprietary technology,” Thushara Perera, Director SLINTEC told the Business Times.

Initial observations suggest a decrease in the daily intake of Metformin when replaced with a cinnamon tablet. “We postulate that when the body gets used to cinnamon, the reliance on Metformin could be further reduced,” Mr. Perera added.

SLINTEC is conducting a small-scale study to investigate the specific role of cinnamon in the management of diabetes. Cinnamon is endemic to Sri Lanka, and the development process involves a proprietary R&D technology which was developed at SLINTEC. “Our aim is to provide a locally derived solution for diabetes through SLINTEC’s efforts. We hope that SLINTEC will be able to give a Sri Lankan endemic solution for diabetes,” Mr. Perera said.

The rising prevalence of non-communicable diseases, including diabetes mellitus, has heightened awareness regarding the importance of selecting healthy foods within communities, Mr. Perera said.